Re: Research help-Rp color

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 02:16:01 EEST

Sorry, I don't know of any published papers on the topic of RP color. As you
probably already know, some RP parts can be dyed, painted, etc., so I'm
assuming that you mean equipment that produces colored RP parts directly.

Zcorp does build parts directly is a variety of colors. Stratasys (I
believe) still offers some of their filiment in colors as well. Shortly,
Actua will also be offering material in several colors. I know of R&D work
to make color easy to implement- and change to the desires of the person -
without it being a major procedure.

I'd like to know what all of you out there would like to see. Try to define
what kind of colors are important - or even HOW IMPORTANT having color
choices are. Any thoughts?


Brad Fox
Rapid Design

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