Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 02:09:49 EEST

     We are familiar to make this kind of mould in H.K.
     Two options to make this kind of hand-carved model mould.
     1. Engraving on a P20 steel block. This take longer time but longer
        tool life.
     2. Casting beryllium copper mould insert as suggested by Professor
        Dickens. This takes shorter time( just a few days) but bear in
        mind the distortion problem because of the big size.
     It is common to cast mould insert in the Toy industry in H.K. for the
     following advantages:
     1. Short lead time.
     2. Cheap when making multi-cavity.
     3. Can deal with models with lots of undercut.
     4. Many vendors available to do the job for you.
     I hope this information is helpful to you. Good Luck.
     Peter Chan
     Hot Metal Processes Unit
     Industrial Centre
     The H.K. Polytechnic University
     Hong Kong

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