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Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 07:12:02 EEST

Dear Brad and list,

In the next issue of PTI, I'll publish a speculative article on color.
If you are not a subscriber, they will be at the Dearborn conference,
and have some samples, or you could email them at

2 quotes from the article:

1. "One of the most exciting possibilities of a full color model is in
stress analysis field. Currently, after running a finite analysis,
a color plot of various cross sections are printed with the colors
showing the relative stresses in each area. Can you imagine the clarity
that would result from being able to see the stress on the entire part
at once??!!!" Chad L Buchanan, Supervisor -RP and Model Shop at Cummins
Diesel Engine

2. There is one other important aspect to colored models. As
environmental regulations of paints and lacquers become more
restrictive, many labs will not be able to use high solvent paints in
finishing models. "I cannot have any type of paint or paint supply in my
lab at all. This puts me at a serious disadvantage in competing with
service bureaus outside the company. With that said, what would it be
worth to compete with the outside world? I would guess that it would be
worth more than 20% of the cost of typical models today! Bring on the
color!" Roger Spielman, Lead Engineer. Rocketdyne Rapid Prototype
Center, The Boeing Company.

In regards to the article or to color development, I'd be interested in
hearing any feedback.


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