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Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 08:57:23 EEST

     Elaine Hunt wrote: >
     Is there one model that sells the idea of RP better than any other
     David Retallick responded: >
     and who needs them for what?
     how about: real bottle, real tree, looped rings & large thin curved
     I agree with David with one exception, Anybody ever try to build a
     relief model of an M. C. Esher art work? Better yet, a full 3D
     Why limit ourselves to the improbable, when the impossible is more
     In my position I am responsible for selling the technology to the
     CEO's and Chief Engineers of other corporate divisions, as well as our
     customers and vendors. The vast majority of the people I present RP
     to are more interested in working or functional prototypes of real
     products than curiosity trinkets.
     I also have a few improbable parts that I built to demonstrate the
     technology but they are not sales tools because the decision makers
     are more likely to be practical people, and they sign the checks.
     Sorry if I'm raining on your parade Elaine.
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