Re: SmartSweep problems

Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 17:31:40 EEST


I notice that my smart sweep lost its location and sweeped the whole vat.
 About 3 layers later the smart
part of it kicked in, the build took 36 hours. That has been the only
time I have noticed it. I have build station 4.1.1.

We will be installing smart sweep on our SLA-500 in a couple of weeks
when Johnny, our FE, gets back from vacation.

Jim Harrison
3Dimensional Engineering

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 21:50:30 -0500 "Monica & Glenn Whiteside"
<> writes:
>Anybody out there in RP land experienced any difficulty with
>especially on the SLA-5000's? On some builds it seems to work fine
>but on
>this most recent build it didn't kick in until it was 1/2" above the
>parts in Z (the Buildstation User's Guide claims that it should only
>approx .125" of layer building in Z before the recoating length is
>adjusted, page 3-15). Also, the recoater blade distance from the
>currently being built is about 2" to 2-1/2" in the Y-direction whereas
>before I've noticed it usually is 1/4" to 1." Anybody else
>SmartSweep variations like this? We have some extremely long builds
>we're trying to optimize everywhere we can. Is there anywhere where
>SmartSweep parameters can be checked and/or edited?
>I called 3D about it - since we are running Buildstation software
>4.1.0 they thought this might be it or they said on rare occaisions if
>translate a part in Maestro sometimes the part extents do not reset on
>spreadsheet and it still sees the previous location. Any help or
>on this issue would be most appreciated. Thanks.
>Glenn Whiteside
>Cessna Aircraft
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