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<< Subj: Rapid prototyping of Multi-layered PCB
 Date: 98-04-29 23:30:50 EDT
 From: (Seiji Ito)
 Dear List,
 I'm considering what rapid prototyping technology is most efficient for
 multi-layered PCB rapid prototying.
 If someone knows good examples or researches, I would like to ask
 any informatins of you.
 I would greatly appreciate any informations, comments and suggestions.
 Thank you
 Best regards,
 Seiji Ito
Dear Mr. Ito:

To my knowledge, there has been only preliminary work done with the nominal RP
methods to make PC boards and other similar electrical components.

However, there are about a half dozen or more well-developed, specific
technologies for rapid realization of both simple and multi-layer boards.
Several of the technologies have been commercialized. One review article you
might try to find is "Rapid Prototyping of Printed Circuit Boards", from
Electronic Packaging and Production magazine, Feb. 1995, vol. 35, no. 2,
pp58-60. I would suggest trying to contact the magazine directly since this
journal doesn't appear in many academic libraries. I'm sure they have a web
page someplace. (If you get a copy, please send me one! I've never found it
anywhere locally.) There are probably articles on the subject published after
this date which might be uncovered by a quick literature search. Industry
directories will also be a great aid in locating these manufacturers.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Ed Grenda
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