Re: Rapid prototyping of Multi-layered PCB

Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 11:27:42 EEST

     Martti Huolila wrote:
     If you could license the MIT patent (like Zcorp) with the idea of
     alternating a non conductive powder and glue and metal powder and
     conductive glue you might get a nice niche on the market.
     Why couldn't you make the base material and the primary glue
     nonconductive but apply a second conductive glue/ink/material to trace
     the circut and you could build more than flat pcb's. The conductive
     material spray could be applied in such a way to make the through
     contacts between the layers of the circut. To attach the components
     you would plate the entire component with the plating only adhearing
     to the exposed conductive surfaces. In this way you could manufacture
     the printed circut within the case wall of the product instead of as a
     seperate component.
     Make the conductive material applicator as an add on to the DTM or
     Stratisys...and you could build the product in the production material
     with the circut as an integral part of the 3D design.
     It would work on the Actua and the Cubital as well but the material
     selection would be limited. Adding it to an SLA would be much harder,
     because the conductive material would need to be applied to the cured
     top surface before recoating and the potential for blade contact would
     be great.
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