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From: John Dickinson (dickijk@bille.ppc.engga.uwo.ca)
Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 21:31:10 EEST

Dear All,

Okay, since I posted my challange asking for test cases for 3D packing I
have had a few responses. I would be happy to entertain even more test
requests (challanges) but in the meantime I have gotten even more requests
for information on how I do it etc. I have decided to clarify my web
page. I have now updated it so that there is a seperate page devoted to
my work, my results and a bit about how I do it. I invite everyone not
interested in me but just the results of my work to please go to:

I don't give away all my secrets yet but when I have got my work in a
little better shape and myself a little more organized I will post a
postscript version of a paper I have submitted on a metric for evaluating
packing arrangements.

Please feel free to check out the page as I have links to several VRML
models of my packing results as well a a quick gif showing one packing of
the chess pieces made available recently.

Just to pique (sp?) your interests, I have packed 12 out of 16 of the
chess pieces in a box of 4x4x4 in under an hour (that is 8 pawns, 2 rooks,
2 knights, etc (or ~800k facets total)).

John Dickinson

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