From: Joe DeGuglielmo (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 18:19:18 EEST

I'm sitting here thinking about topics for the SLS annual conference and
thought why not ask the group for their help. I do have questions and
hope you can supply some answers. One of my jobs this year is the
agenda, so this information is vital to me.

   * Who on this lists owns an SLS machine?
   * What do you own? How many?
   * Who wants to own one? Why?
   * What do you think was new and exciting in SLS this year?
   * Were you happy with the past year performance?
   * Was business good or bad?
   * What does the future hold?
   * What would take this technology to the next level?
   * Who is using it and what are they using it for? (castings patterns,
     functional models, metal parts, etc.)
   * Can we use it for other things? What are they?
   * What successes have you had?
   * Where have they failed?
   * Why did you succeed and why did you fail?
   * Where is the biggest growth taking place?
   * Where is the littlest"
   * Where is the most potential?
   * Is there a material category that is selling better then others?
   * What do you want to hear about when you attend a meeting like this?

Please feel free to answer any or all. Whatever input I get will help me
to form a better mix of topics.


Best Regards,

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