Selling RP

From: Peter Blacklin (
Date: Sat May 02 1998 - 17:58:36 EEST

I though I would add my input to this discussion.

The objects that are made with RP systems are to help the potential
If you're selling the benefits then the physical pieces should show the
benefits embodied in the model.

What are the benefits you are selling?
Increased profits.
Increased efficiency.
Design compression.
Cost reductions.

It helps if you have parts to show what is next.

Do your homework, make sure the design process the Customer is using can
support the data you need.

Don't get caught up in the Geewhizisntitgeartechnology, yes it's neat stuff
but can it deliver profits to the Customer.
Is this the right application (cost/time/result) of RP for this Customer.

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