Re: How many companies use RP?

From: Keith Nybakke (
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 00:23:15 EEST

>Anyone care to guess how many organizations use RP regularly in the US?
>Worldwide? No one knows for sure, so go ahead and take a guess. Your
>numbers should include those organizations that own systems, as well as
>those that use service bureaus on a regular basis.
>Terry Wohlers

The number has to be in the tens of thousands. Your phrasing includes
"those that use service bureaus" which opens the question to include _all_
companies I have done business with in the past five and half years (except
one). If my experience is representative, there are not very many companies
in the plastic part development arena that have not tried RP at least once.
They don't always become steady and regular users of RP, but they are
usually ready to try RP as an experiment.

It's quite another matter to convince these development organizations that
RP is a technology that should be included, as a general rule, in every
product development project. However, the number of groups that believe in
the use of RP in every project is growing steadily.

Keith Nybakke

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