RP in the Movie Face Off

From: Joe DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@ibm.net)
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 12:36:08 EEST

Hi All,
I was watching HBO over the weekend and happened on the movie "Face
Off" with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. The movie is about a police
under cover agent who goes deep under cover by talking on the identity
of the criminal. They actually remove his face and put the criminals
face on him. All that was pretty unbelievable, but there was a scene
were the surgeon was showing the cop how all the new technology worked
One thing they showed him was how the reproduced body parts, they were
using RP!! Can you believe it? We've made it into the movies! It was a
3 laser system that was tracing the cross sections of the ear into a
clear watery substance. When it was complete they removed the newly
created "pink" ear from the platform and placed it on the guys head
where his real ear used to be. ( notice I said pink, it was in color!)
This was definitely a spin off of Stereolithography. Although the whole
movie was quite unbelievable I thought it was interesting enough to
mention. Who knows, maybe it was a look into the future.


Regards, Joe DeGuglielmo

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