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Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 20:36:56 EEST

hi list,

i think Mr Blacklin is referring to "Fw: Research help-Rp color" from Mr
Michael Rees.

if i am correct than i am agreeable with Mr Blacklin.......but to have RP
to encompass multiple colours....may call for a re-furbishment of some
for example a FDM may have to accomodate more extrusion tips just to handle
colours....or concealed mechanism to change to different coloured

but i too agree with Mr Rees on WYSIWYG for the sales
presentation/mockups.....but remembering colours can be further divided
into can we encompass the production for all the various
shades that may be required???

no doubt technology will improve......there are certain limitations that
may not be able to surpass.....which i doubt that it will be like the
development of the computer monitor.....monochrome....RGB.....256
colours.....1.14 million colours ......TrueColors!!!

hence, i think at this stage of technology...there is nothing better than
the human touch to further enhance the prototype quality.

maybe holography will be a better start point for this colourful

joseph sim

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