Planet Polymer Technologies Inc. Introduces New Metal Fabrication Technology

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[This is a little dated but interesting anyway]

 (PLANET-POLYMER)(POLY) Planet Polymer Technologies Inc. Introduces New Metal
                             Fabrication Technology

                           (Business Wire; 04/21/98)

Business Editors

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 21, 1998--Planet Polymer Technologies
Inc. will introduce a novel metal part fabrication technology that makes it
possible to manufacture complex metal parts using conventional plastics
molding equipment.

Planet's new AQUAMIM metal injection molding technology uses water as a key
step in the manufacturing process thus eliminating the use of expensive and
hazardous solvents and acids that are in current use today. The company
believes that its new AQUAMIM technology could become the preferred method
of fabricating small complex metal parts used in the automotive,
electronic, firearm, medical device, and cutlery industries.

The new AQUAMIM technology will allow engineers the ability to design
complex metal parts that mold like ordinary plastic. The company believes
that this will reduce manufacturing costs of such parts in the future.
Planet anticipates accepting production orders for its stainless steel
product line by the third quarter of 1998. According to Dr. Randall German,
Brush chair professor in Materials with the engineering science and
mechanics department of The Pennsylvania State University, "Planet
Polymer's development establishes a new benchmark in powder injection

Planet will be introducing its new technology on April 27, 1998, at PIM98,
the International Conference on Powder Injection Molding of Metals and
Ceramics, in State College, Pa.

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