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From: Julie Stout (
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 21:49:10 EEST

        Dear Masuo & List Members:

        I recommend Rotational molding for prototyping large hollow
plastic parts.
        Patterns can be made via LOM or CNC from which cast aluminum
molds can be made at a substantially reduced cost.
        I can estimate a pattern, cast tool, part price so that you can
perform a price comparison. Please e-mail IGES surfaces to
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> To: Professor P M Dickens; Pablo Elenter
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> Subject: RE: big tool request.
> Dear Mr.Dickens and my colleagues,
> In Japan, there's the need for the large parts prototypes such as dash
> board
> and bumper.
> Since they cannot believe the reliability of CAE, they prefer to have
> the
> parts made by real plastics.
> Sometime they use the vacuum casting which is just used for their
> initial
> concept models but, they usually build the prototype injection tool to
> inject the real plastics although it cost them 60-70% of the real
> tool, and
> always look for the cheaper way of prototyping.
> Is there anyone who can suggest the solution for this kind of needs ?
> They're not satisfied with urethane vacuum casting but as far as I
> know
> there's no good injection tool like epoxy tool to inject the large
> size
> parts like dash board.
> Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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