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Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 11:43:41 EEST about finger print creations???

i once saw a system that was developed in Singapore used for rotational
rubber moulding. given a model of the hand the moulding system which is
actually a multi-axis turning platform evenly spreads the silicone rubber
on the surface of the hand. hence, upon completion the silicone rubber will
be cured and once removed and inverted you will have the mirror "glove" of
the hand model. the gentleman there has to file off the silicone glove
surface so that his fingerprint will not be present.

hmmm, suppose if we can utilise both MIMICS and Surfacer to create a model
of someone's head...we can maybe create using rotational silicone rubber
moulding the mask-face of another person so that Tom Cruise can use it for
the second series of Mission Impossible.

joseph sim

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