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Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 06:53:47 EEST

> but i too agree with Mr Rees on WYSIWYG for the sales
> presentation/mockups.....but remembering colours can be further divided
> into can we encompass the production for all the various
> shades that may be required???
> no doubt technology will improve......there are certain limitations that
> may not be able to surpass.....which i doubt that it will be like the
> development of the computer monitor.....monochrome....RGB.....256
> colours.....1.14 million colours ......TrueColors!!!

Dear Joseph Sim and list,

There are at least two systems that would be fairly easy to adapt to
"true color". One is Z corps 3D printer and the other is LOM. In fact,
the first full resolution color patent (kinzie 1991) is a lamination
technology. Its worth a read of the patent for it is quite insightful as
to various ways color can be applied.

I think that SLS may also be a likely candidate for color applications.

In regards color the problem doesn't seem to be hardware at all. Rather
it is a suitable file format which needs invention or tweaking.


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