Re: big tool request.

From: Professor P M Dickens (
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 10:11:16 EEST

Dear Masuo Namme,
If the parts must be injection moulded and the parts are very large then
it may be worth considering laminated tooling. This is using a similar
technique as that developed by Professor Takeo Nakagawa at the
University of Tokyo in Roppongi.
We have used laminated tooling for injection moulding. The laminates
were simply clamped together and we produced plastic parts at 3000psi.
We are just installing a 125 tonne die casting machine as we are now
concentrating on laminated tooling for die casting aluminium parts.
Casting aluminium into unbonded tools at high pressures also works.
Laminated tooling is generally not suitable for small tools but works
well on large ones. I would imagine it would work very well for a bumper
or dashboard tool.

Professor Phill Dickens
De Montfort University

Masuo Namme wrote:
> Dear Mr.Dickens and my colleagues,
> In Japan, there's the need for the large parts prototypes such as dash board
> and bumper.
> Since they cannot believe the reliability of CAE, they prefer to have the
> parts made by real plastics.
> Sometime they use the vacuum casting which is just used for their initial
> concept models but, they usually build the prototype injection tool to
> inject the real plastics although it cost them 60-70% of the real tool, and
> always look for the cheaper way of prototyping.
> Is there anyone who can suggest the solution for this kind of needs ?
> They're not satisfied with urethane vacuum casting but as far as I know
> there's no good injection tool like epoxy tool to inject the large size
> parts like dash board.
> Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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