RE: Smart weep problems

From: Dan Davis (
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 13:17:51 EEST


I don't know about other folks with 500's, but the smart sweep on both
of my machines has never worked properly since the installation in
August. I ended up reinstalling the Buildstation software and disabling
the SmartSweep option just to gain reliability. Phantom sweep stalls
were the most common failure mode, but it also intermittent
functionality was a problem (ala your described problem).

There have been field fixes using command line codes (deadbaud=1200) and
new cables with EMI suppression magnets to no avail. I'm still waiting
for 3D to fix it -- they've got my money, but I have no (quality)
product. It looks to me that they are ignoring the problem which tells
me that there is no fix. So the moral is......caveat emptor.

Dan Davis
Head, Rapid Prototyping

>I notice that my smart sweep lost its location and sweeped the whole >vat.
>About 3 layers later the smart
>part of it kicked in, the build took 36 hours. That has been the only
>time I have noticed it. I have build station 4.1.1.
>We will be installing smart sweep on our SLA-500 in a couple of weeks
>when Johnny, our FE, gets back from vacation.
>Jim Harrison
>3Dimensional Engineering

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