Re: Actua - Support Removal

From: chad buchanan (
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 16:52:52 EEST


We have used some of the same techniques you have. I am assuming you
are not using Allegro 2.0 yet. If you are, then you already know the
rest of this.

 This software change uses fractals for the support structure making it
MUCH easier to remove. We were a beta site for the Allegro 2.0 and
found that the time to remove supports dropped by half or more. We
still use dental picks, blades, bent coat hangers, and a brass bristle
brush to get better model cleanup but no more part cooling. Not only is
the part much easier to clean, the downfacing surface finish improvement
is remarkable.

To glue the parts together, we melt down the support structures in a
glue pot and use either a syringe or brush to "glue" the two pieces
together. Similar to a hot glue gun.........

Chad Buchanan
Cummins Engine

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