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From: Stephen J. Rock (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 00:11:00 EEST

Nkin wrote:
> ...
> Any thoughts on that "3D bitmap" concept - suggested by the computer graphics
> work with "voxels" done, as for medical imaging? Just might be the logical
> basis for the combination of internal and external information you suggested.
> I don't know how practical it might be when the "voxels" are reduced to the
> size range which would be required by actual users.


Voxel-based representations should be easily implemented
and converted to control hardware; however, they may not
offer acceptable manipulation flexibility or sufficient
precision at tolerable storage sizes.

A 12 inch cube with 0.005" precision and 24-bit color
(or property) resolution would require >41Gb to store
if every voxel were represented explicitly. While
this can be greatly reduced with coding techniques
such as Octree encoding, it seems that there must
be a more efficient way.


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