3DSystems' DOES offer smaller vat sizes

From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (SiderWhite@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 02:54:21 EEST

Dear rp-ml:

I stand corrected, 3D Systems' DOES offer smaller vat sizes for the

VAT-5000M (medium) Depth = 400mm (15.75 in) cost = $9,100.00 (USD)
VAT-5000S (small) Depth = 250mm (9.84 in.) cost = $9,100.00 (USD)

These prices include a one-time visit by a 3D Systems' field service
engineer to install it.

Your regional 3D Systems' representative will be more than happy to take
your order(s)...


Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft
e-mail: siderwhite@worldnet.att.net


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