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Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 04:25:34 EEST


The folks from Australia could probably answer you question better than
I....but for what it is worth, in the first year of our SLA-500, we have
made about 185 models for about 110 patients. We do quite a few models for
research as we try to determine what the baseline factors for this type of
work. We have several cases that were:

1. Aborted when the surgeons practiced the surgery on the model but found
the surgical results would not have been satisfactory. Using normal
surgical approaches, without the models, these surgeries may have been
done and the patient would have been given a less than optimal result.
2. Several patients previously considered non-restorable have new been
afforted a surgical result. This mainly deals with the most complex of the
craniofacial surgeries and those involving custom surgical devices and

Did Dr. William Moore ever get in touch with you? I forwarded your message
to him. If he did not respond, let me know and I'll bug him again.


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