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From: Bauer Juergen (Juergen.Bauer@SPY.SIEMENS.DE)
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 11:48:03 EEST

A few parts each month are outsourced by us, being modelled on
Unigraphics V12.
We are lucky - never had a single problem, even when asking the service
providers about this question directly.


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> I've had very bad experiences with parts from Autocad - any version.
> This has been true even when the part was really very simple. Even on
> the rare occasion when an Autocad file is buildable, they're full of
> little holes when you look closely. Cadkey is almost as bad as
> Autocad,
> but seems to be able to handle very simple parts a little better.
> My best experiences have been with Pro/E and SDRC, but SDRC has a
> tendency to "braid" small rounds, which makes them difficult to
> accurately finish. This effect is strongly scale related - rounds of
> slightly different radius on the same part have a different quality of
> faceting. Unigraphics files are usually pretty good, especially when
> created by a skilled user.
> Many problems are addresable in the better syustems be increasing
> facet
> resolution, but at the cost of excessive slice times. Angle control
> variations don't do a lot in Pro/E, but sometimes help in SDRC. It's
> important to educate users that making an STL look great in a viewer
> is
> irrelevant once you drop below the resolution of the process - you're
> only aggrivating the RP machine operator. In extreme cases, you're
> hurting yourself, because you're stealing time (in slicing and viewing
> huge files) that the machine operator might have used to make better
> choices in orientation, supports, or the dividing of large parts for
> build.
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