Questions for users of AIMS Tooling

From: Neil Hopkinson (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 13:29:06 EEST

At De Montfort University in the UK we are investigating the the effects
of freezing time when injection moulding into epoxy tools. I would be
grateful if anyone could answer the following questions, feel free to
elaborate on answers as you wish as I'm sure a number of the answers
will vary according to shot weight, geometry etc......

1. What freeze time (ie time between injection and mould opening do you

2. After mould opening do you eject the part immediately or allow it to
cool more?

3. How much cooling time, and to what temperature do you allow the tool
to cool before the next shot (do you use water lines/air cooling etc.).

Many Thanks
Neil Hopkinson
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
De Montfort University

Tel: 0116 2551551 x8093

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