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In a message dated 98-05-06 03:05:02 EDT, you write (and I combined separate
posting with same title but time of 5:27):

> using a lookup table may not be efficient.
>using Octree encoding seems like we are trying to create a STL entity based
>on the lighting and texture of the object as seen in the CAD program.

>but in reality...having the computer graphics visualisation will be very
>different from the manufactured part.

>i still think that even if coloured RP models are successful ... end-users
>will have to know that there is still a limit to what RP can achieve...and
>that a prototype is still a prototype.

I think Marshall Burns (posting 98-05-06 03:20:14 EDT) is correct about most
of the terminology (just don't have much personal affection for the word
"fabber") - and that the industry we discuss will outgrow it's earliest,
market-limiting definition.

My main hope for this lively little discussion is that it stimulates some
thought and work in the long-term direction he describes. We need
nonproprietary methods to handle a tremendous amount of 3D information with
the flexibility and efficiency which can work for a variety of customer -
purposes, - machines, - materials. Ideally these methods should be compatible
with all phases of 3D work - including scanning, design, analysis, and

Any constructive suggestions?

Norm Kinzie

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