Re: Is there a defintion for Reverse Engineering?

From: Nathaniel J. Leon (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 15:37:46 EEST

>>I try to find a definition for "Reverse Engineering". What are >>the
necessary steps to do Reverse Engineering? Any


Reverse Engineering is the process by which you take an existing product or
part and determine how it was manufactured and what are the unique features of
the design.

As for the steps a lot depends on the device in question. Some key tools and
skils are necessary. They include:

1. Metrology for detailed measurements
2. Rheology to study material properties and alloys
3. For electronics detailed electronic analysis tools
4. A good understanding of basic engineering principles and techniques.

The purpose of Reverse Engineering is to understand the product being studied
for the purpose of either copying or improving it.

Reverse Engineering uses many of the same processes that Forensic Engineering uses.

Niel Leon - CDS,inc.

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