Definition of Reverse Engineering

From: Peter Blacklin (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 16:50:03 EEST

The understanding and recreation of a target subject (Parts, codes,
biotech, etc.)

This process has no regard for patents. Once the understanding of the
process, form, objective is complete then a redesign (using lateral
thinking = breaking paradigms) can determine if a similar "creation" will
not infringe any published patents.

Reverse engineering is a buzz word widely used to mean all sorts of
different things to different people. In the imaging business RE is the
replication of physical entities. In the computer world RE is recreating a
piece of code. In the maintenance world RE is a means to get a new part
for a machine that is nolonger in production and for which there is no
data, drawings, or manufacturer!

We all do RE when we look at part, how did they make that? Next time you
have to repair an item that you don't have the manual for, you need to
start the reverse engineering process to find out how to get into it!

Hope this helps.

Peter Blacklin
Optimum Solutions Inc.

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