Psst - Hey buddy, want to buy an RP patent data base?

From: EdGrenda (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 19:08:42 EEST

Dear List:

We've been thinking about ways of making a few dollars to support our
development effort. You know, enough for parts, etc. Some of the fellows
suggested we sell our blood at the local Red Cross, but I felt it would be
like living my university years over. Didn't want to do that. So what to do?

One thing that we have available is an extensive, up to date database of US RP
patents. It includes, titles, classes, abstracts, etc., for around 280+
patents. This could be made available in either paper (150 pages, spiral
binding) or electronic versions. We think most people would prefer to receive
electronic files. The files are concise since we wouldn't provide full text,
just front page info. (If you have that, you can find everything else
easily.) Also included would be a short tutorial on where to get the complete
patents, how to keep up to date, how to find additional patents, etc., etc.

We're wondering:

1) Is there a small on-going market for this info in the RP and research
communities? Would any of you want to BUY this?

2) What do you think is a reasonable price for it, if you do? The selling
price we're considering is US$200 (cheap).

3) What is a low-cost way that commercial RP data products can be made
continuously available to people? (It's probably not cost-effective to set up
a dedicated web site for this and a CD ROM doesn't solve the problem of being
in "the store" on an on-going basis.)

We'd like to hear what people think about this. We hope this may also pique
others of you to think about similar data of interest and commercial value to
the community that you may have available.

Thanks and best regards,
Ed Grenda
AutoFab Systems, Inc.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02174 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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