Re: Is there a defintion for Reverse Engineering?

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Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 02:59:30 EEST

John Wright wrote:

> attempt - Reverse Engineering is the process of talking an item (drawing,
> specification or physical piece) and creating either a copy, an
> interpretation or as the basis of a new item.

Good. Very good! The following was taken from It is written in the context of
physical objects, as opposed to the reverse engineering of software,
materials, electronics, etc.

Reverse engineering encompasses a variety of approaches to reproducing a
physical object
with the aid of drawings, documentation, or computer model data. In the
broadest sense,
reverse engineering is whatever it takes -- manual or under computer
control -- to reproduce

3D digitizing systems are used for the reverse engineering of mechanical
parts and organic
shapes. Manufacturing professionals apply them to the creation of new
patterns for prototype
tooling, investment casting, and CNC machining. Medical specialists use 3D
digitizers to
digitize bones and other anatomy for the development of prosthetics and
implants. Video
production experts use them to capture difficult-to-create shapes for TV
commercials and
special effects.

I hope this is helpful to Volker Schillen and others interested in the

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