RE: Selling RP, color question #2

From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 03:23:54 EEST

Dear rp-ml:

Speaking of 3D color (or even black and white) printers, I ran across a
good application for it today. We needed a fast way to "print" cockpit
doors, cabin windows, and an escape hatch on a stereolithography model - we
didn't have the time to wait for the paint shop to do it so we had a local
sign shop make us a static cling vinyl template from a "flat pattern" we
had given them and used this on the model. This worked OK, but we wish it
would have looked a lot better for presentation purposes.

The 3D printer should use a material that is easily removable by solvents
so that when management changes their mind, we can just quickly print a new
design on the same model for another presentation on the same day.

How about a miniature robotic spray paint cell?
When you make the RP model you could also grow a fixture that would nest
the model for 3D printing.

Any additional ideas?


Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft

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