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Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 03:48:14 EEST


I figured this to be a joke. But who knows. Dan Quayle's from Indianae.
Perhaps he has as much trouble with math as I doe.

By the way, only one person wrote back noticing how small Solomon's
Temple seems to have been. If you read the original (English version, at least)
I Kings, the temple itself, as described, is much larger. The room or
pool or fountain or whaterever in the temple is what is the 10 cubits by 30
cubits. The version I found (on the Web) reads:

And he made the molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in
compass, and the height thereof was five cubits, and line of thirty cubits
compassed it round about.

The he is Hiram of Tyre, who was apparently good at brass work. The
molten seems to refer to its being cast of molten metal, brass presumably. I
don't know what a sea is in this context, however, other than it has depth
and it is perched on a stand of twelve oxen and holds two thousand baths.
So, now we have introduced yet another unit of measure: a bath. I'll buy a
beer at Dearborn for the first math wizard to figure out how many gallons
(or liters; pints?) are apparently in a bath.

Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator

Jason Lichon wrote:
>After reading the about pi and the Alabama legislature I just assumed
>this was a joke. But now after someone wrote in about the Indiana
>I'm left wondering if this is just another wisecrack or if you folks are
>Please tell me this is a send up of the Creationism thing.
>Jason Lichon
>Yazaki North America
>Canton, MI

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