Calculation of milling - toolpaths (on free-form-surfaces)

From: Jan Willem Gunnink (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 11:12:29 EEST

Dear RP-people,

Besides LMT techniques like LOM, FDM, MJM and KIRA-PLT we are using
a lot of milling. We use 3- , 3+2- and 5 axis milling with MIKRON
HSM 700, MIKRON VCP710 and JOBS-JoTECH machines. Our question is
related to this area:

Is there anybody who is reading this mailing list who can tell me
(pref. exactly) how millingpaths are calculated on a solid or
a (free-form) surface. I know that sometimes this is done by
projecting patches on the surfaces but i don't know this exactly and if
there are other ways. I need this because we are doing a investigation in this
area. I'm interested in an explanation and also in any books or
articles on this subject.

Many thanks in advance from Holland and if anybody is interested i
will of course share the answers.

Jan Willem Gunnink
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