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Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 16:21:35 EEST

Dear RP'ler

Thanks to all of you who sent answers to me. But a few days ago I sent
another email with some questions to the list:

> Subject: I want your dreams...
> Dear RP'lers
> What are you missing most at your software system for your rp-system?
> What are the greatest problems?
> What kind of computer systems are necessary for the software?
> Don't be afraid to tell me your problems ;)
> Regards
> Volker Schillen

It seems that all in the list - except one person (thanks for your answer
Craig) - are perfectly happy with the current software solutions!?!

That's strange!!!

Because I heard/read often that there are problems with stl-files or that
you have to convert stl-files to other formats to get a suitable part
orientation (is it possible to click with your mouse on a facet to get a
new base plane?), to verify and repair stl-files and so on. What is - for
example - with direct slicing algorithms? Is there any software which can
slice directly IGES or other CAD-files with an error estimation, best part
orientation for manufacturing (in consideration of minimal error, minimal
number of layers, minimal number of support structures, avoidance of
trapped volumes, minimal surface error in areas where a postprocessing is
difficult or impossible, avoidance of large layer areas, etc.). Is there
any software which can do it with stl-files? Is this desirable in practical

So many questions and so less answers. I cannot buy all the software
programs to analyse them. I depend on the information of persons who are
working with rp-machines. I try to improve the applicability of the
software, to make it more user friendly... but perhaps there is no usage
for this kind of improvement?!?

Come on, I am sure that there are many things you can tell me...


Volker Schillen

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