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Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 16:34:07 EEST

Priit Kull wrote:
> Hi list
> Of cource the Pi legislation in Alabama is a joke for the simple reason that
> they have got the wrong value for it.
> I am going to prove that the correct value for Pi is actually 2.
> The reasoning goes like this. You take a unit circle with R=1. According to
> the definition of Pi the length of such a circle's surcumference is 2Pi,
> that is half of the circle = Pi and diameter=2. Now you draw a half of a
> circle with R=0.5 on the half of the diameter and another halfcircle on the
> other half of the diameter. The length of the first halfcircle is 0.5Pi. The
> same goes for the other halfcircle. That means that the total length of the
> bent line is equal to Pi. Now we do the same trick of deviding the R and D
> by 2 and we end up with 4 halfcircles 0.25Pi length each, which once again
> totals to 1Pi. Continuing in the same line (8*0.125Pi=1Pi, 16*0.0625Pi=1Pi
> ...) we can every time prove that the total length of the bent line is equal
> to Pi. At last we end up with a straight line, which (look at the beginning
> of the paragraph) is the diameter of the original unit circle and therefore
> 2. Ergo Pi=2.

Hi Priit,

yes, we know about this theory. It is usually applied to coastline
and basically says, "whatever you thought, it always turns out to be 50%
I cannot disprove your theory, because I donīt have the necessary
mathematical tools,
but; I can say the following:

1. This reasoning is the basis for fractal algorithms and leads into the
choas theory.
2. As my life is a chaos anyway, you canīt frighten me into thoughts of
rethinking it!

Just think, certain firms are using fractals as supports and others are
producing chaos!

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