3d printer

From: Bailey, Joe - GCP (jrbailey@gracocorp.com)
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 16:45:35 EEST

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with a company called
the Z-corporation? They have a "3d printer", which is basically like an
stereolithography machine or an LOM machine. This machine builds layers
of starch & cellulose in small increments. It seems to be very fast. It
uses an "Ink Jet" printer type mech. to lay the material down. If anyone
has one of these machines or knows anything about them, could you let me
know pros/ cons of it. Thanks in advance.

Joe Bailey
Graco Children's Products
Product Development Dept.
Elverson, PA 19520 (USA)

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