The big Pi debate "What am I missing?"

From: Joe DeGuglielmo (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 18:13:09 EEST

First off let me say that I'm certainly not a mathematician. Einstein
I'm not! I couldn't hold a candle close to most of the folks on this
list in that category and I admit it. So, I guess I'm not surprised if
I'm missing something here. I had a teacher in high school that
explained Pi to me in a very simple way (because that's what it took).
Here is what I remember him saying......

If you were to take a string that is the length of the diameter of a
circle and wrap it around the circle, it would take 3.14159??????
lengths of that string to completely take up the circumference. If it
were 3, what the heck happens to the .14159???? part of it? Do I have
this confused with something else?
What am I missing?

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