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From: Dreher, Stefan (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 19:29:14 EEST

Dear Volker, dear list,

sorry I'm a little late, but didn't have time in the last days.
Concerning your questions about software for RP-Systems with capability
for variable Slices:

We developed a software that works independently from the device you use
for building parts.
It was developed within a Fraunhofer-Project in 1994-1997 and was used
to realize the
so called 'Segment Based Adaptive Slicing'. That means every layer can
have appropriate
technology parameters and layer thickness. Optimal layer thickness is
computed by variation of the geometry in z-direction.
We verified the system with a stereolithography device and it worked
well, with layer thickness from 0,1 mm to 0,7 mm. The build time was
reduced significantly.
Our software system is not yet introduced to industrial use, but who

best regards

Stefan Dreher

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