STL meshing for FEA

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Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 11:43:45 EEST

hi list,

(Sorry for not able to recall) i remember there was this discussion on
using STL for FEA. and i had promised to get back on this agfter i had done
some more work. my colleague (Nagasundar) had actually worked out some new
interesting facts and we will like to share with you.

we have tried with our FEMAP software from Enterprise Inc. and it is very
easy to do so...bounded by such limitations :-
(1) tetrehedrals (solid elements) can be formed easily but the size of the
tetrahedral will depend on the triangular mesh size.
(2) hence, the STL entity must be refined or remesh with appropriate
triangular sizing before meshing them with property and material
(3) the STL entity must be closed (perfectly...although some software can
tolerate unclosed entities)
(4) even for a closed STL there must not be any polygons with too many
connected polygons to a node

after the meshing we can export them out to various FEA formats but we
choose CSA/NASTRAN because we are their reseller and it is easy to use.

right now, we are working on improving the STL files through RPM from
Imageware. when we get better results we will share with you all again.

joseph sim

ps - i had never studied FEA before....i came from Computer Science
although i know how to use FEMAP.....i really know nothing on engineering
conditions and terms. hence, discussions on how-to
- use the software for loading...small problem.
- model the loads is a BIG problem for me.

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