Conversion--help, a little OT

From: michael rees (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 22:06:03 EEST

Dear list,

Since the discussion about file conversion is going on I'm wondering if
someone has some experience they could share.

I work with a polygonal modeler. Its a mixed bag of different types of
objects. One can make nurbs objects which are meaningful to an iges file
for machining--this doesn't allow getting all the different types of
objects into an iges file--only objects made with nurbs.

Anyone got a pointer to a conversion utility or program that will
convert polygonal iges or DXF or STL files to nurbs information, iges
format for import into various popular cam packages?

Also, any pointers to CAD programs that are appropriate to organic
modeling (complex surfaces) that are solid, nurbs based modelers?

Thanks in advance!!

michael rees SCULPTOR
1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, 	816 753 3020 voice
KC, Mo 64101			816 753 1542 fax

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