Re: 1999 wish list

From: Nathaniel J. Leon (
Date: Sat May 09 1998 - 17:10:56 EEST

I would like A RP System that with good quality output using more than look
and see materials for less than $25,000 that will take commands from a Mac.

Niel Leon

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Subject: 1999 wish list
Author: Elaine Hunt <> at Internet
Date: 5/8/98 9:00 AM

Ok here the chance to say what you WANT or DON'T want in RM, 3d Printing, RP.
Never know who's listening so if you have an opinion and want it heard
speak up.
Can't say no one ever denied you the opportunity. If you wish to remain
anonymous just email me direct. I never gossip unless it's a good one.

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