Antitrust and Monopolistic Actions

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Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 23:19:32 EEST

Dear List,

A couple of recent articles in the Washington Post Business section have
visited the topic of Antitrust actions that arise as a result of unfair
business practices. One, entitled "Microsoft Might Soon Face Suits"
raises some rather interesting points. These topics are paralleled in
many different markets, including stereolithography. Some highlights
from these articles might move one to ponder the similarities:

"The Justice Department and more than a dozen state attorneys general
are in the final stages of preparing broad antitrust lawsuits against
Microsoft Corp. that will be filed early next week unless a last-minute
settlement is reached, according to sources familiar with the case."

This suit would allege, "that Microsoft, whose Windows software has a
monopoly in the market for personal computer operating systems, is using
illegal business tactics to maintain that monopoly and extend it into
other markets. The suits would focus on Microsoft's inclusion of
Internet browsing technology in Windows and the restrictions Microsoft
places on computer makers to add competing software to Windows-equipped
machines, the sources said."

The other article in the Post headlined, "Pepsi Takes Coke to Court"
relates specific alleged Anti-competitive measures by Coke.

"New York, May 7th- Pepsi accused Coke today of monopolizing the sales
of fountain soft drinks at restaurant chains and movie theaters by
threatening to take away Coke from distributors that carried Pepsi as

"The lawsuit, filed by Pepsi-Cola's parent, PepsiCo Inc., asked the
court to restrain Coca-Cola from entering into agreements with its
distributors to exclude Pepsi and to award Pepsi undetermined damages."

If anyone knows of any similar anti-competitive, antitrust or
monopolistic actions in the RP industry, please let us know. We are
currently accumulating files on such actions. Thank you in advance for
your input.
Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

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