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Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 08:56:43 EEST

>Quick question for the SLA owners out there......
>We are in the process of ordering an SLA 5000. Assuming the SLA is
>busy most of the time, how many people will it take for post
>processing? I am assuming that we will at many times need to join
>multiple pieces and paint the parts. We currently have a 5 person
>model shop that produces wood and styrofoam models. If we get rid of
>the woodworking equipment, am I going to have a massive excess
>Chad Buchanan
>Cummins Engine
     Don't make any plans to eliminate the woodworking equipment until
     the SLA machine is in place for a while. It would be a shame to buy it
     back again as both the equipment and the expertise will be a good fit.
     There are many occasions where I use band saws, lathes and milling
     equipment in conjunction with the SLA models to produce the master
     pattern or prototype desired. As for the "Massive Capacity", expect a
     greater demand because you are now a RAPID PROTOTYPING facility and of
     course you can do everyting in an hour or less.
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