Calculation of toolpaths for milling

From: Jan Willem Gunnink (
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 16:39:28 EEST

Dear RP-people,

A week ago I posted a mail concerning the calculation of millingpaths
(see below) nobody could tell me anything (except from Mr. Ridder).
Please take some time to help me when you know anything

many thanks once again from a desperate milling-guy

Jan Willem

> Dear RP-people,
> Besides LMT techniques like LOM, FDM, MJM and KIRA-PLT we are using
> a lot of milling. We use 3- , 3+2- and 5 axis milling with MIKRON
> HSM 700, MIKRON VCP710 and JOBS-JoTECH machines. Our question is
> related to this area:
> Is there anybody who is reading this mailing list who can tell me
> (pref. exactly) how millingpaths are calculated on a solid or
> a (free-form) surface. I know that sometimes this is done by
> projecting patches on the surfaces but i don't know this exactly and if
> there are other ways. I need this because we are doing a investigation in this
> area. I'm interested in an explanation and also in any books or
> articles on this subject.
> Many thanks in advance from Holland and if anybody is interested i
> will of course share the answers.
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