Re: SL5510 - Your views

Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 23:22:25 EEST

To update you with my experience using SL5510:

1.) I had a problem with sensor #1, which caused problems with my
2.) Down facing surfaces are as good or better than SL5180.
occurs with poor supporting.
3.) Great for Quickcast, no more mushy parts due to humidity. Also, the
likes it.
4.) Tooling build style (0.002 layer thickness).
5.) Cleans up better than SL5180 with TPM and IPA

Jim Harrison
3Dimensional Engineering

On Mon, 11 May 1998 18:37:00 +0100 "Murphy, Matt"
<> writes:
>Firstly, thanks very much for your replies to the enquiry I posted
>To sum up:
>For switching to 5510:
>Everyone agrees that the up facing surfaces are excellent.
>Beth reports that the side walls are great, whilst Jim describes them
>colourfully - ' tight as a hen's ass' (I like that Jim!)
>Beth reports that the down facing surfaces are better than with 5190,
>Jim reports some delamination.
>The reported 0.013" cured line width and 0.02" tooling layer
>thickness mean
>the resin holds the POTENTIAL to build more accurate parts
>The 5510 exhibits less moisture absorption (Beth)
>The parts clean up very well with TPM, better than 5190 (Beth)
>5510 sands very well and works well with bead blasting (Jim)
>5510 performs better in direct tooling applications (AIM) (Beth)
>Joe is very happy with it all round, having ironed out some early
>Against switching to 5510:
>Jim reports that is the most brittle resin he has seen in 10 years
>for the original
> Beta resin in 1998.
>3D Sys UK tell me it is really brittle
>Beth tells me that they are brittle but satisfactory
>My decision:
>I am not going to switch because my main interest is for QC
>and as yet I have no foundry feedback.
>I am currently working with a defence aerospace manufacturer on the
>investment casting of aluminium pod assemblies. These things are
>large (
>350 mm diameter, 1.5 m long). They take a long time to build,
>assemble the
>sections, finish and then they must be transported 200 miles to the
> I also must build 4 patterns to guarantee 1 x-ray sound casting.
>With 5510 there is too much chance for damage in transit or in the
>and I can't afford the time/cost taken to build spares.
>So while everything points to a better quality pattern with 5510, it
>isn't strong enough.
>SL 5190 has seen off a challenge from SL5510, and in the next round of
>competition it is up against DuPont SOMOS 7120!
>Thanks again for your input guys,

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