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From: michael rees (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 04:15:23 EEST

Well Hello List,

I'm pleased to announce the opening of another exhibition of my
sculptures on May 15, 1998 from 6p-8p at Grand Arts, 1819 Grand St.,
Kansas City, MO, 64108 (816 421 6887). The show runs from May 15 through
July 18. This is the most ambitious rp exhibition to date including some
11 sculptures, 5 made by SLA, 5 made by SLS, and 1 made by 3DP. The
sculptures are between 18-24" high and include the anatomical image of a
spine with more freeform designs growing off of the spine. It is perhaps
the first time that so many rp sculptures have been exhibited together
in the world.

Marshall Burns of Ennex Corporation says of Rees's work "This stuff is
definitely on the unconventional side." Other industry experts have
stated "well, its just plain weird".

All kidding aside, Dominique Nahas says in the essay to the catalouge
which accompanies the exhibit, "Michael Rees's "AJna Spine" sculptures
are situated within what the artist has described as "an imaginary or
metaphysical anatomy placed against the backdrop of medical anatomy."

He continues, "In these strange, dream-like works, what is being sought
by Rees are the essentials of various bioenergetic life forms. As all
revolutionary work, Rees's Ajna Spine sculptures are straightforward,
despite their complicated fabrication techniques. What we see are spinal
columnes that extend upward. Attached in various configurations to the
central stem of the verterbrae are body organs or other free form
elements.Overall, Rees's hybrid forms reside somewhere among the animal,
human, and plant worlds, their dispositions resisting both normal logic
and reason, yet flourishing under an insistent biological imperative."

He concludes, "Rodin {the 19th century French sculptor} and Rees are
both self critical and adventurous; and both, of course, are profoundly
humanistic. At its most basic level, Rees's work asks that we go beyond
the world of ideas and words, beyond scientific rationality, to
penetrate the realm of being that existed before Logos and Mythos were
cleaved in two."

Rees has exhibited nationally and internationally including the Whitney
Biennial of American Art in 1995. He will do a show in November in New
York City at Central Fine Arts, 70 Greene St., 10013 (212 966 8836),
and a one person exhibit at the Shanghai National Museum, in Shanghai
China in 1999.

The web site will not be updated with photos from this exhibition until
the end of June.

Interested people should contact Grand Arts for further information 816
421 6887.

michael rees SCULPTOR
1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, 	816 753 3020 voice
KC, Mo 64101			816 753 1542 fax

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