Re: Texturizing SLA parts/Shaped Displacement Shading

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Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 06:30:13 EEST

Dan Davis wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is anyone out there willing to share a method for adding a leather grain
> pattern to a finished SLA part to be used as an RTV tool pattern? We
> are trying to replicate the grain for a piece of hard plastic auto
> interior trim.
> --

Dear Dan and list,

In the January-March issue of Prototyping Technology International I
published an article about using Bitmap images to create texture and
form. In it, the example used is a fingerprint which is layed on a
square surface and upon a saddle shape. There are different effects
depending on shape and the mapping strategy used.

The general technology is known as Shaped Displacement Shading. There
are several programs which can accomplish this. The one I know the best
is form Z (they added this feature at my request). I'm pretty sure that
Alias Wavefront will do it as well as 3D studio Max. There are a handful
of engineering/machining packages that I have seen demonstrate similar
abilities. I also recently read of a package that will allow color areas
which adds greater control of the extrusion into a 3d mesh. I think it
was Anvil express .

this is pretty intersting stuff and has some future looking application
if they can get some of its features more controllable. I discuss some
of the problems in my article.

The mapping types are typical of rendering mapping types.

Good luck.

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