Re: Texturizing SLA parts?

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 09:34:49 EEST

Dan Davis wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is anyone out there willing to share a method for adding a leather grain
> pattern to a finished SLA part to be used as an RTV tool pattern? We
> are trying to replicate the grain for a piece of hard plastic auto
> interior trim.

Hi Dan:

I know one automitive manufacturer who had been doing something similar
by integrating vacuum forming with RTV molding. The first step is to
make a vacuum form tool and use sheet plastic with pre-existing leather
texture. Then you can attach various clips (produced using SLA or other
methods) to the formed part. The combined model is then used as a
pattern for an RTV mold.

Also, our ESPOR technology can copy existing textured patterns into
micro-porous air-permeable aluminum molds for production thermoforming.

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