RE: Rotational Aircraft Models

Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 09:27:01 EEST

     Dear Glenn,
     Although I am not exactly shure what a rotational aircraft model is,
     if you are trying to build thin wall hollow parts with SLA there are
     several ways to do it.
     1. Hollow the part in CAD
     2. Use a third party STL program like Magics or Imageware or Solid
     View to hollow the stl data.
     3. Play games with QuickCast to try to get the wall thickness you
     4. Setup and build multiple copies of the file with an increasing beam
     compensation factor to produce a thin shell within a thin shell within
     a thin get the thickness desired. I have done this for
     years to get prototypes of blow molded parts from solid model data. I
     have produced wall thicknesses from .020" to .100" with +-.005
     tolerance over the entire part surface this way.
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