RE: Plastic Spray Coating for Actua Parts

From: York Robert (
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 18:35:00 EEST

I would agree with the statements presented. I purchased the same spray
at Lowe's and achieved the same results. It does not heal the part, but
does increase the life of the small wall parts during normal handling.
From: chad buchanan
Subject: Plastic Spray Coating for Actua Parts
Date: Thursday, May 14, 1998 8:42AM

A little while back Brad Fox suggested the spraying of Actua parts with
a spray plastic/rubber coating. This was very interesting to my
department. We have put this coating on several different parts with
good results. On one component, we had two pieces. One with the spray
plastic/rubber coating and one without. We dropped both pieces from a
height of about 2 feet onto a hard surface. The coated part survived
and the uncoated part did not.

This coating doesn't give super strong parts but it does help. The
coating does come in various colors which makes for a nice change from
the white. We are now using this coating as a standard for most parts
we make now.

Thanks for the tip Brad........

Chad L Buchanan

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